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Felton Road

Felton Road are one of the most sublime and highly celebrated pioneers of Central Otago winemaking. Their story begins with meticulous site selection and vineyard design - started in 1991 - and is one of a refusal to compromise. A strict 100% estate policy with fully organic and biodynamic viticulture ensures that the fruit arrives at the winery as pure as it can be, while the entire estate comes as close to true sustainability as is possible. A commitment to hands off winemaking: gravity flow, wild yeasts, wild malolactic, an avoidance of fining and filtration all help preserve the wine's expression of its terroir. The result is Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which accurately express the authenticity and complexity of their unique vineyards.

These are wines of tremendous quality and consistency due to the strict and uncompromising standards in the vineyards - and the track record of these wines in the cellar is also of an impeachable standard. We regularly have the good fortune to taste back through the past decade of vintages and the wines are always more than convincing with their freshness and precision.

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