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Terroir Al Limit, Priorat

Over the last few years we’ve been hearing rumours from Priorat that a couple of ambitious young 'outsiders' were attempting to redefine the notion of terroir in the Priorat highlands. After some serious Googling and reading of very enthusiastic reviews we started to believe the hype. It appears the terroir-obsessed duo of Dominik Huber - South Africa's Swartland pioneer and wunderkind Eben Sadie - are making some spectacular wines from the old Carignan and Grenache vines that cling tenaciously to the steep slopes of llicorella slate around the village of Torroja.  They work these sites biodynamically and with almost medieval levels of technological austerity; a shunning of new/small format oak barrels in favour of unlined concrete and 1800-litre mature oak vats. The resulting wines are very, very special indeed. All precision, purity and balance.

"A really breathtaking collection of wines here, both whites and reds. Terroir al Limit is one of the names that are defining the Priorats of the 21st century. Unfortunately the wines are produced in such small quantities."
— Louis Gutierrez,

Put simply, this is line-up of wines that are unadulterated, handmade, sensuous and quite unlike anything we have seen from Priorat before. Grab some for your cellar while you can!

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