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We did a trip to Portugal earlier this year, embarrassingly, this was our first ever trip to Portugal. I don't know what we had been waiting for; what an absolute treasure trove of bargains! Recently the wine boffins at Wine Spectator magazine called Portugal “the most exciting wine place on the planet” and we couldn't agree more. There is so much happening there, so much ambition, innovation and above all incredible, incredible value. We tried wines that were so delicious, when they told us the price we thought something had been lost in translation. Clean, modern, crisp, refreshingly characterful white wines and rich, hearty, gluggable reds. We really shouldn't be surprised from a country with a winemaking history that dates back centuries. But in recent decades Portuguese table wines have been so obscured, having been pushed out of the export limelight by France, Italy, Spain, Chile etc. But this is a blessing in disguise for consumers. Portugal is the land the supermarkets and chain liquor stores forgot - discover the tasty bargains of Portugal now with Wine Direct - while no one else is looking.

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