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En Primeur FAQs

En Primeur is the name given to the process of buying wine before it is bottled and released onto the market. Wines are offered for sale while they are still lying in barrels in their respective wineries in France. The prices at which they are offered exclude Gst, Duty, Excise Tax and Shipping costs. These shipping costs and taxes become payable only after the wines have arrived in NZ and are ready for collection or despatch. Typically the wines are shipped and arrive between two and three years after the vintage.

Why buy En Primeur?
The opening En Primeur price is almost always cheaper than the price you would pay in the future, when the wine is on the open market. En Primeur is the best way to secure wines that are very limited in availability or hard to find on the open market. And breaking up the payment of the wine into an initial deposit, followed much later with a secondary landing charge is viewed by many customers as quite convenient.

What exactly do I pay?
The prices shown on our website for En Primeur wines are exclusive of Gst, Freight, Duty and Excise. Once the wines physically arrive in NZ, these secondary charges or, “landing charges” are tallied up and invoiced to the customer.

How do the landing charges break down?
Duty: 5%
Excise: currently $29 per 9 litres, so just over $2.40 per 750ml bottle
Freight & Customs Clearance: this is the freight service itself, but also insurance, refrigerated trucking at the point of origin (Bordeaux) to the sea Port and Customs Clearance at NZ end: comes to roughly $3.50 - $4.50 per bottle
Gst: 15% on top of everything

So, a bottle listed at $100 (first payment), would attract approximately $28 in landing charges, making the all up total $128. This example is indicative only, freight charges can vary considerably and excise and duty are also subject to change by the government at any time.

Are En Primeur wines insured?
We will remain responsible for insuring the wine at the original invoice value until your wine is collected or safely delivered. Ownership of the wines will pass upon settlement of all outstanding charges.

When are En Primeur wines shipped to NZ?
Our En Primeur purchases are usually readied for shipment in the third quarter of each year. After a 40 day transit and some time allowed for picking and packing, this is often around September or October of each year. But please note this is indicative only as there are a number of variables such as production schedules in France, shipping schedules etc.

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