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Red Bordeaux

Despite fierce competition from wine producers around the globe, Bordeaux remains the centre of the fine wine world.The climate provides for relatively mild winters and long, warm summers. Exactly the conditions needed for growing grapes suited to the production of well-structured, long-lasting wines. This huge region of 120,000 ha of vineyards (more than five times the size of Marlborough) is home to 10,000 wine producers and 57 different Appellations. Red now makes up 88% of Bordeaux wine, which is still often referred to as "Claret". The origin of this name was to differentiate the lighter-coloured wines of the coastal region from the deeper "black" wines from up-country regions. We have a tasty line up of Claret to suit most Bordeaux-loving budgets. But grab them while you can, they tend to sell out fast.

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