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Rocca di Montegrossi - Tuscany

“I was completely blown away by the wines I tasted at Rocca di Montegrossi this year. Proprietor Marco Ricasoli Firidolfi turned out some of the most brilliant wines of his illustrious career. Readers will want to be on the lookout for Ridolfo, a new Cabernet Sauvignon/Pugnitello blend. I would have never guessed these varieties could play well together, but under Ricasoli's hand, they most certainly do. As for the other wines, they are all stellar. I would be thrilled to own them.”
– Antonio Galloni, Vinous, September 2021

From one of the under-the-radar sensations of Chianti Classico; Rocca di Montegrossi. The winery of Marco Ricasoli is located in Monti, in the southwest of Chianti Classico. With just twenty hectares under vines Rocca di Montegrossi is for Chianti a relatively small winery, but from the last several years they have started to draw the attention of the world's top critics with their superb new releases.

“Rocca di Montegrossi doesn't seem to get the attention of some of its neighbours, but year after year Marco Ricasoli-Firidolfi turns out impeccable, striking wines that sit at the very top of the hierarchy in Chianti Classico and Italy more broadly. These new releases are no exception. The wines usually need at least a few years in bottle to come into their own, but make no mistake about it, these are some of the very best wines being made in Italy today.”
— Antonio Galloni, October 2016

“These wines are stellar. I would be thrilled to own them.”
– Antonio Galloni, Vinous

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