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Schiopetto, Collio, Italy

2009 Winery of the Year  - Wine & Spirits Magazine

"A true standard-bearer of Friuli wine located in the rolling hills of Capriva del Friuli, Schiopetto is one of the oldest estates in Collio. It owes its fame to the late Mario Schiopetto, the pioneer winemaker who ushered in a new era in Italian wine starting in the late 1960s. By modernizing production methods he arguably changed the face of white wine in the country. I still remember first meeting the late Schiopetto in the 1980s and marveling at the clarity and brightness of his whites. That style continues today and seems to be on its way to a new level since the estate’s change of ownership to Emilio Rotolo, who also owns the Friuli winery Volpe Pasini. Look out for the new single-vineyard wine produced here simply called “M” — it’s an amazing white underlying the superb and unique character of the grape friulano in the region." 
— James Suckling

The Schiopetto family has been in the wine business for three generations, and started when Giorgio Schiopetto (Carlo’s grandfather) passed on to his son (Mario) his love of good wines.  This passion would eventually give him the title as founding father of modern wine making in Friuli.  Before turning to wine making, Mario traveled to Germany and France to explore the quality wines made in their famed wine cellars.  It was German technology, blended with French finesse that enabled him to realize his dream. Mario learned the art and refined methods of making excellent wines, but skill and know-how, even when applied with passion, are not always enough. They must be painstakingly adapted to a different environment and climate, more specifically a different region with a unique terrain, like the one in the Collio Goriziano area. Self-taught and gifted with exceptional intuition, Mario Schiopetto launched into the wine business in 1965, and Schiopetto was one of the first wineries in Friuli to ferment in stainless steel vats, keeping wines fresh and crisp.  The estate is located in Collio Gorizano where production is drawn from 4 crus; the Cru di Capriva, Pradis, Oleis, & Zegla, where old vine Friulano, Pinot Bianco, Malvasia, Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio, & Ribolla are the varieties.

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