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Rum (also spelt Rhum and Ron, in French and Spanish Caribbean territories, respectively) is made from sugarcane juice or molasses. Although Rum is produced in places as far away as Australia and Fiji, it is the Caribbean that is the beating heart of the Rum world. Virtually every region in the Caribbean produces its own distinct style. All rums are distilled clear, with heavy or dark rums made in traditional pot stills with a slow fermentation of up to 12 days. Lighter rums ferment only 24 hours and are produced in modern ‘continuous stills’. Types of rum include; White or Light Rums which are typically colourless, with a subtle flavour and can replace Gin and Vodka in any cocktail recipe. Gold Rums; amber in colour through varying amounts of ageing in wooden barrels. As far as comparisons go; it can be useful to think of these as similar to Brandy. And top quality fine dark rums can be enjoyed like a Cognac. Spiced Rums; darker in colour due to the addition of caramel (and sometimes other colouring), seasoned with spices. They are often based on gold rums and designed to be enjoyed over ice or with a variety of mixers.

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